About Us

Mission Statement

The Tyler Graham Foundation has been created and founded by Tyler's family and very close friends to honor his memory as a student-athlete, loving family member, devoted friend, and role model.
Our mission is to Build a Legacy. The Tyler Graham Foundation will complete its mission by inspiring the next generation of lacrosse players to share the same passion and tenacity for the sport as Tyler did. The Tyler Graham Foundation will do this by providing support for players and programs that positively impact the sport and their community, two things that Tyler prided himself on doing.

Short-term Goals:

100% of the funds donated to this non-profit foundation will be used to acquire jerseys for his high school team and necessary equipment for local youth programs for the 2022 season.

Long-term Goals:

To continue to grow and develop the foundation to inspire the equivalent passion for the sports that Tyler loved. Long-term, the foundation will strive to provide for individuals and programs that share his values and other unique needs within youth lacrosse. This non-profit organization is staffed by volunteers allowing 100% of the donations to be used toward this effort.

Our Foundation

Why We Created the Tyler Graham Foundation

Tyler Graham was an All-State Lacrosse player from Colchester, CT. As team Captain, he mentored and led his teammates on and off the field with his enthusiasm, love of life, and outgoing personality. Tyler had a stoical and iconic presence yet utilized his innate kindness as his prominent tool for being a leader. The principles in which he prioritized in a specific order were Team, Teammate, and then Self. He understood that being a part of a team meant being a part of something bigger than his personal journey. Tyler carried these principles over to his Lacrosse Team at Western Connecticut State University. The Tyler Graham experience significantly impacted his new team and Western Connecticut’s collegiate community.

Transitioning his high school jersey number 32 to the college game, the red-haired kid, nicknamed ‘Mambo,’ was a positive force both on and off the field. When TG32 arrived on campus, everyone knew that they would be treated to a dynamic display of athletic prowess coupled with impeccable sportsmanship and a kind and unforgettable smile.